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Weekly Staff Newsletter- February 5th , 2021

The Week Ahead

There seems to still be some confusion about furniture and returning in hybrid fashion. I will try to break it down into it's simplest form. I sent a separate email with this information, but thought I would put it here too:


  1. Personal items should have already been moved by you by now. If you have larger items you need help with, and you have asked me if you can store them at school, please email me and Alejandro so it can be taken care of and you don't get injured in the process.
  2. Focus on SURPLUS items now. Surplus=gone away forever. This should only be furniture (throw away things other than furniture). Label with hot pink signs from the office work room and email me and Alejandro.
  3. Things you want gone for hybrid, but back when we are back to normal (larger tables and furniture to make space for students to spread out). should be labeled with blue tape with name and room number on it. We won't move these items until later so you should focus on #1 and #2 for now.

By the end of today you should have personal items out of your room or a plan to store them in the school and surplus items marked. Things that you want moved out temporarily, but not sent to surplus can wait a little longer. When you feel like you have everything marked, that is when you flip the sign on the door of your classroom.

I did not get any updates about when we can start planning who will teach hybrid vs CDL. It sounds like February 18th will be a deadline for schools to have everything entered into Synergy. I thank you in advance for your help with this. When we know which classrooms are needed for hybrid teaching we can develop a better plan for furniture storage for the items that will be staying in the building, but moved out of hybrid classrooms. More info to come...

I know there is so much information coming at you from many different directions, so please reach out if you need clarification on anything. Our brains can only hold so much information and I'm happy to help people out.

Thank You, Angee

Looking Ahead


Week of 2/8- Mid-year checkins for those being evaluated this year.

Use code below

Meeting ID: 742 331 4308

Passcode: Chehalem

2/8- Leadership and PBIS Committees 3:00,

PTO mtg 6:00- Jocelyn is teacher rep, but any can join using the link below.

Meeting ID: 889 0931 6326

Passcode: PTO

2/9- 2:00 Outreach Mtg.

2/10-Report Cards Due; 1:00-3:30- BMEC District PD for K-12; 6:00 Return to school Q and A for parents (English), 7:00 (Spanish)

2/11- 8-12- Angee in principal's meeting

2/12- Report Cards go live to parents; 10:00- BH &W meeting 3:00- ABAR Meeting?

2/15- No school – Presidents' Day

2/16- 2:00- Outreach Mtg; 3:00 staff meeting

2/17-Synchronous Day due to holiday: 9:00- Angee to T & L Advisory

2/18-10:15- Angee with supervisor; 6:00 Kinder Registration Meeting

2/19- Staff Input Survey's Due (both certified and classified); 10:00- BH &W meeting; 11- Angee to learning team; 12:30- Angee to PD

Upcoming PD

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