Flyer layout & appearance

Choose the elements to display around your flyer

Viewers see certain elements surrounding your flyer, depending on which you have chosen to display or hide.

You can select the elements you want to appear around your flyer by changing your "Flyer Settings" on the bottom right of the Smore Editor.

"Flyer Settings" allow you to control the following elements:

  • Social Buttons: Like, Tweet, Pin and Embed
  • Name and Profile: Displays details from your personal Profile on Smore. Disable to post anonymously
  • Related Flyers: Your flyer will also be displayed in other flyers
  • Smore branding: Pro users can remove the Smore logo and branding from their flyers

Check out how to update your Flyer Settings below:

1. Click "Flyer Settings"

This button will appear once you have finished editing your flyer and have clicked "Done Editing." It is located at the bottom right of your flyer

2. Display or show elements

Under "Flyer layout and appearance," check or uncheck the boxes next to the elements you want to be visible around your flyer

3. Save settings

Once you're done, just click the 'Save Settings' button on the bottom

4. Preview your flyer with or without selected elements

Under the checkboxes, a graphic will show how your flyer will appear with or without your selected elements

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