Summertime Sharing

By Nikki Grimes


The theme is about the importance of sharing. Sharing can help someone or make their day. The poem starts with a girl pouting and ends with a girl smiling because of the sharing.

Poetic Diveces

Rhyme scheme-In each stanza lines 1 and 2 rhyme.

Metaphor-"Me and my fast feet are there and back in just two shakes." It explains how fast the speaker walked to the ice cream truck.

Alliteration-"fast feet" shows this as well.

The speaker's attitude just sounds like she is just trying to help out her friend. She buys her friend what she wants and they share. The speaker and the friend both have a good time. One got what she wanted. The other enjoyed making her friend happy.

I chose the background because it is a game kids play and there are two kids sharing a popsicle in the poem. I chose the purple color because the popsicle was purple. I chose both of these because they have a happy mood like the poem. The reason I included the picture with the cats sharing the ice cream is because the girls were doing the same thing in the poem.