Monday Memo

Week #21: January 19, 2015

Dates to Note

Tuesday, Jan 20: Lower swimming - RESCHEDULED
Thursday, Jan 22: Parent Ed Night: Primary to Lower meeting
Monday, Jan 26: Lower Swimming - Discovering Me Class in Primary 4
Thursday, Jan 29: Upper Swimming

Auction Items are due soon - how are you doing on them? Do you need help? Let Jillian Chaulk know if you do - she will hook you up!

W-2s are HERE! They are in your mailboxes! Thank you Sarah!

Birthday Party Sucess!

What a great night of community building! We had close to 100 guests, if not a few more, come out for the festivities. Several alumni were present who shared how happy they were to still be a part of the community.

A HUGE thank yous go to:
Kim Davidson for planning the event
Jill for preparing, prepping and presenting the delicious food
Laura Pounds for organizing the hundreds of photos
Nikole Albright who helped Laura and then who created the scrapbook

Raffle Tickets on sale NOW!

All of you should have found a "cheat sheet" in your mailbox last week in regards to the raffle tickets that are on sale. Kim Davidson put that together for you all to be aware of the details in case someone asks you about it.

Here is the quick low-down:
1. Three prizes: American Girl experience, French Lick get away, school lunch credit
2. Tickets cost $10 each. Buy 5, get one free!
3. Drawing will happen at the Gala - no need to be present to win!
4. Tickets have to be paid with cash or check - and not combined with other payments
5. Tickets are on sale at the Victorian House during regular business hours

Impact Studios - on campus this week

Impact Studio will be on campus this week to gather video footage of the specialists' classes that will be used during the Tall Oak Gala. They will be here Wednesday & Thursday (Jan 21 & 22). This is the proposed schedule for where they will be and when:


11:30 - Noon - if possible, Middle School students in Art Center (Music, Woodshop, etc)
* we understand there may not be a lot happening at the Art Center at this time - the video group may not arrive until closer to 12:15.

12:00 - 1:30 - Upper El Students in Art Center (both Art & Music - 12:00 African Drumming!)

1:30 - 3:00 - Lower Students in Spanish (1-2 in LE2, 2-3 in LE1)
* Linda will be giving lessons in the Vic House for the afternoon


11:30 - 1:00 - Upper Students in PE with Andrea (at their building?!)

1:00 - 2:00 - Lower Students at the Art Center

2:00 - 3:00 - Upper Students in Spanish with Susan (UE building, basement)
* Linda will be in Upper 2:30-3:00, and Middle School from 3-3:30 giving lessons

* Hoping to get Linda's work covered with this also. Times were not

Auction Item Solicitation Letter

The Gala Committee has a letter that needs to be sent home with students ASAP! These have been printed off for the Vic House classrooms and put in mailboxes. For the other buildings - they have been sent to your printers. Please let Macy know if you need more or if they did not show up in your printers. THANK YOU!

Have you read this?!... just checking!

Can you identify this person....

Those who reply by Tuesday at NOON will be put into a drawing for a little somethin' from the FDG! It will be cool, I promise! The last give away was a joke book - which Falen LOVES!

You may be asked to answer a question regarding this memo... I am merely checking for understanding, not testing you at all! I want to be sure I am being clear in my communication!