Haile's Headlines for FOCUS

November 20th

Multiplication Facts

Please work on learning your multiplication facts nightly. Knowing your multiplication facts will help you become more successful in third and fifth grade math. Everything that we will do this year will depend on your knowledge of multiplication and division. Learn those facts! Some good websites are ixl.com or wildmath.com for quick practice.

Happy Thanksgiving!

4th and 5th Grade Math Students

This week we took our second assessment for the nine weeks. We have been working on fractions as division and multiplying fractions. It is easy to confuse which models apply to fractions multiplied by fractions and mixed numbers multiplied by mixed numbers. Please continue to have students review their notes from their math journals.

When we return from Thanksgiving break, we will learn about scaling and review concepts taught from the beginning of the year to date. We will have a semester assessment during the second week of December.

This week we tried using eClass for a math discussion where students wrote a real-world word problem based on multiplying fractions. Please check out the variety of problems presented. We will continue to have eClass assignments for the remainder of the year. No CML during the break!

Have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving!

3rd Grade Math Students

This week we started a new unit on Area. We learned that area is the flat space within a closed figure. To measure area one would use square units for a standard measure. We compared square meters, square inches, square yards, square centimeters, and square feet and determined that the size of the space that you are measuring would require appropriate square units.

When we return from Thanksgiving break, we will continue with Area. No Math Rules during the break!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!