Troy And Tyler Briscoe's

Fantastically Amazing Adventurous Adventure


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Economy Car

We rented this car from E-Z Rental Car.
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Total Amount of Money Spent: $4,780.04

Total Miles Driven: 8,992


Troy's Favorite Day: Day 17, 5/2/14

My favorite day was when we went to Yellowstone National Park. We only spent four hours at the park, but we made great use of the time. There were so many wonderful views of the nature and wildlife there. We got to look at the geysers and hike down some of the many trails they provided for us. However, my favorite thing we saw at Yellowstone was Mammoth Hot springs. Mammoth Hot Springs is a terrace system where hot water reaches the earth's surface. Volcanic activity keeps the water hot, and makes the water a beautiful color. The color of the water changes with the seasons, in warmer temperatures the water is usually yellow and in cooler temperatures the water can be green or orange. Another reason I loved this day was because we went to a nice restaurant called Rick's on Main. I had the dried tomato and spinach lasagna, and it was delicious.

Tyler's Favorite Day: 5/3/14

My favorite day was when we went to Bandelier National Monument. Bandelier is a national park located in Los Alamos, New Mexico. It is inside of Frijoles Canyon. Over 11,000 years ago, Bandelier was home to Ancestral Pueblo people. These people built homes that were carved out of volcanic tuff and planted crops in mesatop fields. Today, their civilization is evident. We got to see the dwellings that they lived in. We even got to climb into some of them! Bandelier also has amazing views and is home to a lot of incredible wildlife. Looking down into Frijoles Canyon is a beautiful sight.

Total Amount of Money Spent