Reducing Barriers thru Advocacy

January 20, 2022 Starting at 5:30pm

Please join us for a free training

Participants will learn strategies that will enable them to become confident advocates for their child’s special education needs. The parent’s role before, during, and after the IEP meeting will be explored. Suggestions for recordkeeping and for effectively communicating with school district personnel will be discussed in detail.

Training Sponsored by

Monica Mccain, Toledo Public Schools Parent Mentor,

Alina Rodriguez, Toledo Public Schools Community Outreach & Family Engagement Coordinator


The Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities

Kelly Buerger

Kelly began her career with OCECD in October 2018. She is an Information Specialist and Trainer for Northwest Ohio. She also serves as Web Support for OCECD. Kelly holds an associate degree in Accounting. Prior to starting at OCECD, Kelly worked for 15 years as a Program Manager administering testing in the medical field. In this position, Kelly was responsible for approving and coordinating ADA accommodations for candidates in the testing process. She has prior experience as a nurse's aide in a long-term care facility and residential support staff to individuals with developmental disabilities. Kelly came to OCECD as a result of her personal experiences in struggling with the special education arena. She has one son who has Autism and ADHD.