Ryan Stephens


I grew up watching football. I grew up learning bits and pieces of football. My entire closet consist of only orange and black, my favorite colleges colors. I couldn't wait to play football when i got into the 7th grade. It is my true passion

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Where I'm from

I am from semi trucks, from hotels and card games. I am from the couch in the dark living room. I am from the long rose thorns, the big tree that held the swing.

I am from the nontraditional holidays and red heads, from grandma, Rachel, and Nick. I am from the always rights and the good eaters. From save your money and do whats right. I am from strong Christianity that's falling away.

I am from Oklahoma and Kansas, Chinese and BBQ. From giving grandpa lemon heads in the hospital, the crazy ride there and the tears shed at there funerals. I am from the cut out pictures of papa. From the people who I'll never met.

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The Backup

He took a drink of water and pulled his helmet on. It was time.

He got to the sideline, and was watching his team go down and back.

As he was watching he sees a massive hit to the quarterback.

He wasn't getting up.

He was worried but inside he knew what was going to happen. He was going in.

He stood there watching his teammate get taken off the field and waiting for coach to come tell him to get out there.

But coach never came.

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Thank You Football.

Thank you for being there.

Thank you for teaching me how to live a good life.

Thank you for getting me through school happily.

Sometimes i hate you, but your always there for me.

In the good.

In the bad.

Thank you for making me the person I am today.

Thank you.

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My whole life I've played many sports, but there's only one.

Football. It's the only one I truly love.

There's just something that isn't right during a home run.

I don't what it is, maybe the glove?

Football is special, it is the best.

Something about big games is just so nice.

Maybe it is the way they dressed.

Do you want some advice?

Love football. I do. It will love you.

Just pick a team to root for, that's all.

Get a couple t-shirts too.

Just be careful, don't get into a sprawl.

I love football. You don't even need a court.

Football is amazing. It is the best sport

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When I was writing these poems, I keep a central theme of football. I love the sport more then anything else in the world. Football is something I could talk about for hours on end. This made it very simple to write the poems. I had a lot of background knowledge in football so the information was very easy to transfer into a poem.