Principal Update

January 20, 2017

BSE Crew,

This morning I had a wonderful conversation with Dr. Bourff and Mrs. Kolb (Freedom/HSE Foundation) about innovation and funding. During our conversation we discussed how organizations such as HSE are so large that being innovative across the total population of schools (21) is simply impossible. The Foundation and Dr. Bourff celebrate the notion of innovation in "spots" or "chunks" as they allow for two wonderful outcomes. First, innovation is capable of failing, failing in a small arena vs the whole of the district is much safer. 2. Those who innovate (us) will gain great knowledge from our failures and respond with a successful or more likely to be successful beta version of our innovation. What I am highlighting is that our Superintendent is highly thankful for BSE and those who take the risk in innovation!

Throughout our meeting I shared how many of you have written/applied and received grants, often times outside of the Foundation, but celebrated the fact that we at BSE are collectively receiving funding for innovative practices and or basic requirements that lend to innovative instruction and or environments. I mentioned that for me, this school year, I feel like we are paused in a sense around extreme innovation and working on the details of the "tight" around our instruction, particularly in math and our specific planned "tight" response around our 30-45th percentile learners. Dr. Bourff highlighted theory around innovative organizations and that after a two or three year period of innovation it is often common that the organization can feel a strong sense of chaos. This chaos is to its core, good, however the organization will often pause to regain order or stronger sense of order (in our case the "tight" concepts) to balance the system. The pay off for this pause is always furthered innovation and achievement for the entire organization.

Although this information is not ground breaking or shocking, it was a great reminder for all of us at BSE that if we are feeling a sense of chaos and possibly a lack of innovation, it is ok, we are all on a journey within an innovative culture.

The other point we take great trust in is that our grade level teams will always have one or more innovative spurts in any one area of content each few weeks. Those spurts will feed the overall innovative machine, and although we may feel a collective pause, we will continue "being" an innovative organization. That in itself is reason to feel a strong sense of pride while engaging in the work we do at BSE!

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Check out these helpful DOCUMENTATION below

Recess Reminders

Thank you to the cafe and teachers for doing your part especially for indoor recess days.

  • Please continue picking up classes by windows on time.
  • Please do not allow students back to classrooms without an adult.
  • Lunch boxes should remain in lunch baskets (against brick wall by gym).
  • Please label your lunch basket.

Reminders for outdoor recess (even when it's wet!):

  • Refrain from playing on wet grass or hill to avoid muddy clothes.
  • Encourage walking around to get fresh air.
  • If wet, encourage games that do not require running or equipment.

Testing...Testing....and More Testing!

  • Thank you to the entire building for adjusting your volume and time in collaboratory as Kinder and 2nd grade continue CoGat testing next week.
  • 3rd and 4th grade also successfully completed the Istep Stress Test this week, yay! Thank you for your flexibility with adjusting schedules in order to help make this happen. We learned it's a good idea to encourage families to have Ipads always updated to latest IOS version!
  • Looking Ahead...60 randomly selected 4th grade students will be testing in the computer lab and art room on Wednesday Feb 15 for NAEP testing. (Art classes will be in classrooms on this day PM only.)

RTI Updates

Thank you for your hard work post Data Reviews in ensuring we are paying close attention to all students in our classroom and redesigning how instruction looks for selected students. At this time it is expected that all teachers with students in RTI have:

  • Documentation of team recommendations
  • Anecdotal notes of strategies attempted and patterns noted
  • Digital Aimsweb Data
  • Digital or Paper copies of current assessments/reports
  • Other important evidence i.e. daily writing samples etc.
  • Tier 2 parent letters returned to Fatima's mailbox (due 1/20)

Next Check In Dates:

Tuesday, Feb 14: Grades 2, 3, 4

Tuesday, Feb 28: Grades K, 1

(signs up will be coming out soon)

Do you like having a tech at BSE?

In order to keep a tech at BSE, Central Office is watching closely how many tickets are being submitted at BSE in order to continue to provide us with Mr. Moore's support.

We know he is being used, but when analyzing the number of tickets submitted - it does not align. Please submit a ticket for all tech questions and help needed. This will help us keep tech support at BSE.

Help desk tickets may be accessed via the Intranet when logging in at school.

As you all know Michael Moore is the SUPREME tech of all techs. I'll be the first to say we have the best in HSE! Unfortunately I must share some sad news: Micheal Moore has accepted a new position at ACES Power Marketing. Michael's last day at BSE is February 9th. Please plan to say thanks and good bye to Mr. Moore. We will all certainly miss him and his amazing connection with our kiddos. I'll also keep you posted on his replacement.

PBIS Update

Thanks to our committee members for working hard to think through BSE's philosophy regarding discipline, logical consequences, and the importance of relationships with students.

  • The committee is encouraging all K-4 teachers to go to a common documentation system.
  • We have included the Think Time form and BSE Referral form that you may have seen during grade level meetings recently.
  • Majors and minors have been agreed upon by committee and admin.
  • These documents may be used going forward in order to collect some data and feedback to fully implement our revised PBIS plans for fall 2017.

  1. THINK TIME: In class reflection with this form when an undesired behavior occurs that requires more than verbal redirection.
  2. BSE REFERRAL: Referring discipline to admin support staff to handle for majors, including repeated minors.

Still need clarification or have questions? Please refer to PBIS committee member or Andrea Thorne as the next PBIS Committee meeting is planned for 8 AM on February 2.

Supporting Tonya Kneller

A huge thank you for helping our friend Tonya during this challenging time. In order to help lift the financial burden for her family please consider donating if your heart calls to do so.

You can donate in the front office in an envelope or on her HOPE Go Fund Me Page.

BSE is offering a "Sports" day on Monday for anyone that has participated and would like to show our continued support to her.

We will take a picture of our crew in sports gear and jeans since she is a huge sports fan herself in order to lift her spirits and bring a smile to her face.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts, prayers, and gifts.

Feel free to share her page as her goal is almost met!

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Check out these S.T.E.M. links...

Global Day of PLAY!


In 2015, Global School Play Day was born. The participation went from 65,000 to over 165,000! February 1st is officially the 3rd Global School Play Day and BSE is participating.

Your Job: PLAY!

Allow your students to spread their toys out around the room or take the kids outside and just PLAY!

Don't forget to tweet out pictures using #GSPD2017.

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Get your PD on!

Thank you Kristin Patrick for introducing BSE to Kayla and helping us navigate Discovery Education. Did you miss the PD this week? Don't worry - check it out on Clever or set up a one on one with Mrs. Patrick!

PD has been lighter than we are used to in order to ease back into the school routine. BSE Bears are now ready for more!

  • K-2 S.T.E.A.M. & Project for Primary: Dr. Renbarger talks to K-2 (BSE (EC), GES, and CRE) @ GES on Feb 3 1/2 Day lunch on own

  • 3-4 PBL Planning & Collaboration: K. Patrick, M. Thompson, L. Laffey & F. Rich facilitate 3-4 (BSE & GES) @ BSE on Feb 3 1/2 Day lunch on own

  • Balanced Math: Dr. Ryan Flessner @ BSE all day Feb 13

  • Making Thinking Visible: Dr. Loane and 3 BSE Teachers Host District PD @ BSE on Feb 28 4:15-5:15

  • Logical Consequences Follow Up: Mrs. Nornberg & Miss Stevens TBA

  • Fact Fluency Interviews: Jenni Robinson & Jen Mulvaney TBA

  • Cultural Competency: Emily Cespedes & Kaleigh Arndt TBA

Interested in leading PD or finding opportunities that match your goals for your classroom? Set up a time to chat with TDS, Megan Thompson.

Classroom libraries in Reggio-inspired schools

Check out this photo gallery of Reggio-inspired classroom libraries from the Butler Lab School.

We have an OSMO!

Anyone is welcome to borrow!

Let's lock it up with Mrs. Patrick and Mr. Moore each night.

Teach Diverse Books reveals a new part of their website.

(copied and pasted)

Include diverse cultural experiences in your instruction as reflected in quality fiction and nonfiction books.

  • Identify exceptional multicultural books for all content areas
  • Bring culture and race to the forefront of literary conversations with authentic, primary source instructional materials

Buddy Bench Lessons!

The BSE Student Council is excited to share how our new Buddy Bench works. They have worked hard to create videos that demonstrate how it is to be used, and Mrs. Thorne would love to come in and talk with each class about it. Be on the lookout for an email from her to set this up!

Cultural Competency Corner

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Coming Soon From Your Cultural Competency Coaches!

Keep an eye out for this special edition National Geographic Issue on Gender. This text will soon begin circulating within grade levels for your discussion and viewing pleasure. We look forward to having awesome conversations regarding this topic.

Also, if you haven’t yet, sign up to receive the Teaching Tolerance magazine and newsletter. Do it! It’s free! Just go to to subscribe.

Thank you,

Emily & Kaleigh