Luling ISD - December ENews

Go Eagles!

Tis The Season!

December is here! The weather is getting colder...and then warm again...and then a little cooler...and then back to hot. Oh how we all love Texas winters! While the weather remains unpredictable, LISD's deep commitment to the success of all students remains constant.

The month of December is a natural time to not only reflect on the year in review, but establish priorities for the new year ahead. I am confident in the vision established for our staff and students and believe the strength that comes from our partnership with you, our students’ families and the Luling community, will make that vision a reality. As we move into 2019, our dedication to the growth and well-being of our staff, students, and community remains steadfast. We wish you all the best during this holiday season and thank you for trusting us with your most valued gifts- your children.

Tis the Season...For Learning!

Tis the Season...For Reading!

In honor of National Young Readers Week, the Primary Campus invited Primary Staff as guest readers on Monday, LISD Administrators & Directors on Tuesday, LHS Seniors on Wednesday, LISD Staff from other campuses and Board Members on Thursday, and members from the Luling community on Friday, including the Mayor of Luling!

Each day, children were enthralled to hear amazing stories read by familiar faces, launching their academic day. Beginning the day with reading reinforces a positive reading mindset that weaves together fantasy with reality, humor with anticipation and allows children to become part of a wonderful story. Guest readers were provided a selection of themed books to choose from, and breakfast treats to thank them for making a difference in the life of a child.

-Dr. Donna Weikert, Director of Elementary C&I

Tis the Season...For Small Group Learning!

Student learning is thriving with small group learning! Reading and Writing are integrated and students are enjoying reading, writing, and thinking. Writing during reading is an engaging way to layer our learning. New writing habits are reinforced with AVID learning skills using WICOR: Writing to learn, Inquiry to find clues to author’s purpose, Collaborating with peers, Organizing clues and new vocabulary, and Reading to learn. Students read, share and discuss, and write reflections, summarizations, and connections.

Guided Math time is also growing mathematical thinkers. Students are playing appropriate games in stations, problem solving with each other and challenging each other with healthy competitions. Math Enrichment includes Manga High games on iPads that motivate our math brains to think higher and deeper. Students were engaged and excited to extend their own learning!

-Dr. Donna Weikert, Director of Elementary C&I

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Tis the Season...For Elaborating!

Teachers at Gerdes Junior High have been focusing on the 5E Model of Instruction. Last week, the emphasis was on the 4th “E,” Elaboration. “An elaboration strategy is where the student uses elements of what is to be learned and expands them” (The University of Kansas). Amanda Wilson shared several instructional activities with teachers; including “Matching Double Trouble”, “Vocabulary Dominoes,” and “Content Story Pyramids.” Additionally, Ms. Bryant and Ms. Malaer shared strategies they use in their classroom, like EdPuzzle and supplemental aids, to support student learning through elaboration. After teachers practiced these activities, several teachers incorporated similar strategies into their lessons.

This week, in Ms. Basham’s sixth grade English Language Arts class, students engaged in a learning stations activity in which they reviewed the information they learned about reading fiction. Students elaborated by applying their knowledge in multiple contexts and refined their skills through collaboration with a partner.

It is important to remember “Students need the chance to elaborate on new content through strategies that employ deep thinking and questioning requiring them to make inferences and draw conclusions based on information that wasn't specifically taught in the chunk” (Fulton-Holland Educational Services Center).

-Errin Jennings, Director of Secondary C&I

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Tis the Season...For Writing!

Mr. Matthews’ chemistry class was busy writing this week. After completing a lab experiment proving the Law of Conservation of Mass, students wrote a formal lab report. They reflected on the lab in a small group discussion and added their reflections to the lab report. “Written expression is a crucial part of communication and critical thinking. For high school students, developing strong writing skills not only helps their high school grades but also prepares them for their academic and professional futures” (Battaglia, 2018).

-Errin Jennings, Director of Secondary C&I

Tis the Season...For Testing

Shanklin and Gerdes will be benchmark testing December 3-7. Luling High School has STAAR Retests and benchmark testing December 3-7. All three campuses will be closed to visitors and volunteers. Benchmark testing helps teachers and administrators determine what students have mastered and what they still need to learn so that we can provide focused interventions and instruction.

Tis the Season...For Recognizing!

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December Spotlight Staff Member - Haley Almaguer!

Since becoming a member of the Luling family last school year as the District Nurse, Haley Almaguer has continually shown commitment and dedication in all she does. She is not only the District nurse, but has added the title of coach as well for Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball. On most days, she services 60-70 students between the high school and junior high. Not only is she helping with their health needs, but she has built relationships with them, which has allowed her to become a person of trust for our students. While coaching, Haley is able to convey the importance of team, respect, and love for the athletes, as well as her coworkers. Most importantly, she's reliable and present as a nurse, coach, and coworker, and represents what it looks like to be a Luling Eagle!

Tis the Season...For Gifted and Talented Referrals!

Luling ISD is seeking referrals of students for gifted/talented (G/T) services for the 2019-2020 school year. The state of Texas defines a gifted/talented student as “a child or youth who performs at or shows the potential for performing at a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience, or environment.” Luling ISD seeks to identify and serve gifted/talented students who exhibit a high intellectual capability and/or excel in a specific academic field. Do you know a child who fits this description?

Anyone wishing to refer a student attending Luling ISD in kindergarten through 12th grade may pick up or request a copy of the referral form at their school office or the district central office today. This form must be returned to the school office or to the Central Office the close of business on Friday, January 11, for kindergarten and first grade students. Referral forms for students in grades two through twelve are due on March 1. Parents and/or community members who wish to refer a child but are unable to go by the school office may call the Luling ISD Special Programs office at 830.875.3191 to request that a form be mailed to them.

Tis the Season...For Inclement Weather

As we head into the winter months, it is important to think about inclement weather, possible impacts to our school days, and district policy closings, emergency dismissals, and delayed openings.

In the event it becomes necessary to communicate with you about the impact of weather on our school day, parents/guardians will be notified by School Messenger, the district's automated emergency network system, which will release a phone call and text. The School Messenger system uses the phone numbers we have in our information system. We get this information from the registration form you filled out at the beginning of the year. If there have been changes to your phone number, please update your information immediately by calling the front office of your child’s school.

In addition, notification of delayed openings or school closings are provided on the district’s website, FaceBook page, and local television channels.

Lastly, making any modification to the school day is always a challenging decision, but is completed through the lens of ensuring the safety of our students and staff. I appreciate your understanding and support in these circumstances.

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