Windows 7 on an Apple Macbook Pro

Process on how to install Windows 7 on a Macbook Pro

Why installing Windows 7 on a Macbook Pro is beneficial to you!

Apple's Macbook Pro offers some of the best quality compared to any other competitor! The Macbook Pro is both extremely durable and portable. Apple's signature devices are currently thinner and lighter than a majority of 15"-17" laptops. A clutter free and simple design certainly doesn't hurt the Mac. After reading you might prefer to use Windows 7 on a Macbook pro either than on a Windows device.

It's not difficult!

You can simply install Windows 7 on your Mac operating system by using Boot Camp Assistant. Doing this allows to start your Macbook Pro with Windows 7. These requirements below must be followed before installing.


  • A copy of Boot Camp version 3.3
  • Firmware updates installed on the Mac
  • A Windows 7 installation disk with a Product ID
  • A Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Mac OS X Lion Installation DVD


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1. Open Finder go to the Applications tab, then go Utilities and double-click on Boot Camp Assistant.

2. Click on Continue
3. You are now at a screen that allows you to set the partition size. Set the amount of space dedicated to Windows 7 by clicking on the Windows side and dragging that section to the left to change the partition size. If you want to have equal space for both Windows 7 and your Mac, you can click on the Divide Equally button to divide the partitions equally. When you're satisfied with how much space you want for Windows 7, click on the Partition Button on the bottom right of your tab as the arrows direct you through the image.
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4. When the partition is done and set, you will notice a new Boot Camp drive icon.
5. Now that you notice the BOOTCAMP icon insert the Windows 7 DVD and click on the Start Installation button.
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6. Now, your Mac will restart, don't worry! This is only to boot up to the Windows 7 DVD. A window will then open asking which partition should Windows be installed on. Select the partition labeled BOOTCAMP, click on Drive Options (advanced) and while it's selected click on format (it's one of the options in the drive options). You will be alerted that files will be gone, click on OK and proceed to the next step!
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7. Now, you must be aware, Windows 7 will install! During the installation, your system will reboot , don't be alarmed! When this occurs, eject the Windows 7 disk!

You have officially installed Windows 7!

Here is probably the best video explaining how to download Windows 7 on a Mac!

Install Windows 7 on a Mac Using Boot Camp Assistant (Mac OSX 10.8)


The goal of a preventive maintenance plan is to minimize opportunities for the equipment to break down. Basically to prevent viruses and hardware malfunction.

You want to establish a preventive maintenance plan to prevent problems from ever occurring on your device.

Best example of a Preventive Maintenance Plan

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To prevent any future viruses or malfunction in the future:

1. Backup your data, to be extra safe, have a backup of your backup!

2. Scan for viruses at least once every week!

3. Scan for file and disk errors every week! This was you're guaranteed to avoid any issues.

4. As you're check for viruses on your computer each week, you have to remember to update your anti virus software each month!

5. Clean your mouse and computer at least each month! This will help to prevent hardware malfunction and keeps your system clean.

6. As time progresses, you might have downloaded or saved some unnecessary files to your PC. Check for any weird or unnecessary files on your PC and delete them. This is a step to prevent a virus from occurring!

That was my example of a preventive maintenance plan


I used these as inspiration and help. First link was used as inspiration for my preventive maintenance plan and second link was used to help with the step by step process explaining how to download Windows 7 on a Mac using the Boot Camp assistant.
Install Windows 7 on a Mac Using Boot Camp Assistant (Mac OSX 10.8)

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