Mrs. Rexrode's Pre K Newsletter

October 5, 2018

This Week in Pre K...

This week we started the PALS-PreK assessment. PALS-PreK is a phonological awareness and literacy screening. The assessment reflects skills that are predictive of future reading success and measures:

  • name writing,
  • upper-case and lower-case alphabet recognition,
  • letter sound and beginning sound awareness,
  • print and word awareness,
  • rhyme awareness,
  • and nursery rhyme awareness.

PALs-PreK will help me to know each child's strengths and areas that might require attention. The assessment helps to guide my instruction. It will be given again in the spring, so that I can see how much each child has grown.

We also spent time this week identifying shapes and practicing writing our letters.

Next week we will be learning about the fall season and focusing on the letter Ff. I will continue PALs-PreK through next week as well.


  • AB Patterns (ex. red, blue, red, blue, red, blue...)
  • Identifying Colors
  • Identifying Shapes
  • Recognizing and writing his/her name
  • Letters Aa and Bb - recognizing words that begin with the letters Aa or Bb

Snack Next Week

10/8 Chelsea

10/9 Julissa

10/10 Alex

10/11 Janette

10/12 Pre K Classroom

Important Information

  • Pajama Day for Pre K - next Friday, October 12th. Students may wear their pajamas to school and bring one stuffed animal.
  • Please mark your calendars for October 19th. Pre K will be headed to the McGaheysville Fire Station for our very first field trip. Permission slips are due by October 12th.
  • Looking ahead, have another field trip to the Evergreen Tree Farm on December 17th.

Home Activities

  1. It's National Pizza Month. Make homemade pizza together and count each topping together as you add them to your pizza.
  2. Pour cornmeal or sugar on a tray and letter your child practice drawing shapes and letters.