Gullivers Travels

By: Tess Leuck

Basic Info

The book Gullivers Travels was writen by Jonathan Swift in 1726. It is a story of adventure, and tells about all of the places Lemuel Gulliver travels. It isn't always fun for him, but he encounters many interesting places and people. The genre is fantasy.


Lemuel Gulliver has a passion for traveling. After he gets shipwrecked from a storm he gets to an island called Lilliput full of mini people. He falls asleep, and they kidnap him and chain him up in the capital city, but because of his size the emperor wants him to fight a war against Blefuscu and capture their Navy. Since the emperor favorites him, 2 men named Skyresh Bolgolam and Flimnap. They try so hard to get him killed because of jealousy towards Lemuel Gulliver. He eventually gets on a boat that is big enough for him and goes to England. After he left England, where his family lives, it storms and he ends up on the island of Brobdingnag. The people there are much bigger than him and so is everything else. He encounters things such as giant puppies and bee's.

On another adventure of his, after he leaves the Island of Brobdingnag, he got left on a small island by Vietnam by pirates. He found the floating island of Laputa. These people don't learn anything accept for music and math, so they lack everyday skills that normal people like us have. After going back and forward between his home where his family lives in England, and his adventures, he decides to become a captain himself. His sailors abandon him on an island where there are people that have no manners, poor hygiene, and a wild way of life. It is called Houynhnm. This at first is very hard for him to get used to. Eventually he finds his wife, and has 3 kids, but they are also Houynhnm. After Gulliver returns to his family, it is hard for him to adjust into a more classy life style. Although Gulliver had a lot of horrible experiences in all of these different places, he learns that being around all these not necessarily bad, but unusual things, the more he appreciates his life.

Explanation of Essential Questions:

The book Gulliver's Travels shapes or reflects society mostly because Gulliver encounters things that don't actually happen in real life, but relate to other things that happen. It makes us realize the way we live is so much better, in my opinion, and that we should appreciate it. People from these different places treat each other so much differently. When he is at Lilliput, the people are tiny and that shows that they are different and might get made fun of here. The people from Lilliput also harmed Gulliver, and tried physically harming him even though it didn't do much to him. They wanted to blind and starve him also. This shows that they didn't really give Gulliver a chance. Just because he was different than them, they didn't accept it. Even today in society I think people are judged for being different than others. He shows some betrayal when he goes to the island of Blefuscu, because that is Lilliput's enemy. Today, no matter if it is friends or family, some people will always betray us, even those whom we trust the most.

When Gulliver goes back home, it shows that no matter what you encounter in life, loving your family is important because they will most likely always be there for you. Most people encounter love, or have a relationship, or even get married. Having a good relationship with the people who care about you is important, and Gulliver didn't always seem to realize that. In Brigdingnag, the people are giant compared to him. He feels like he doesn't fit in there, because he doesn't look the same. In society I think this happens because if you aren't pretty, don't have the nicest clothes or car, people think they are better and may sometimes even treat you different. That's what happens with Gulliver when he is there. Some of the giant ladies wanted Gulliver to play music on their naked bodies to be "sexy", and sometimes people in our society do things like that.