The Road to Paris

by Nicki Grimes

Summary of the Book

Paris and her brother, Malcolm, run away from their foster home. They go to their grandmother, who sends them away to another foster home. But the two siblings get separated and sent to different places. Paris lives with the Lincoln family. They all accept her, except for another foster child named Earletta. Paris doesn't trust the family for a while. Paris visits her real mom and Malcolm a few times. She makes a new friend named Ashley. Paris meets her dad, but because Paris is black, he makes fun of her. Ashley and Paris stop being friends. Paris starts disliking white people because of that experience. But after a while of thinking, Paris makes a new friend, who's white. Viola, Paris's real mom, calls and asks Paris to come home and be a real family again. What will Paris say?

why you should read this book

This book has many good qualities. It is an easy read and it teaches many different lessons. First, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Secondly, give every friendship a chance. And lastly, don't let anyone bring you down. The Road to Paris is a great book and I give it four out of five stars!