Paw Prints

Taylor Gubbels

Whitetail Deer

Whitetail deer eat corn, soybeans, clover, grass, apples, berries, peaches, acorns, and some types of flowers . They have antlers not horns. Only the buck’s have antlers. They shed their antlers in the winter time. They rub the velvet off in the fall. The male is called a buck. The female is called a doe.
The young are called fawns and are spotted.They are called a whitetail deer because of their white tail. When they put up their tale it means danger. They only live to be nine or ten years old. They have no teeth at the age of ten.


One day in the old house, the mouse went to run up the clock. When he stopped and said, “I’m bored.”
Then a cricket asked, “Why?”
The mouse said, “Because the cat won’t chase me, and I have no friends.”
The cricket said, “That’s not true. The grasshopper and I will be your friends and play tag.”

Cabella's Game App

My favorite game is Cabella’s hunting and fishing. You have a hunting guide who takes you on trophy hunts. You also get better equipment as you play.You can also play trophy chase, where you can create trophy animals and hunt them all by yourself .

Against School Uniforms

I am against school uniforms because you would look different from everyone.If all your uniforms were dirty, what would you wear? You couldn't wear what you wanted. You would wear the same thing over and over.