Dear Parents,

Good Morning!

Today we begin a new week with enthusiasm and joy. I am very excited because it looks like all the students have settled down to our daily routine in a positive way. I have been observing how they work together in a group where they need to be able to share and enjoy working and learning together.

This week we will continue with the theme, “Mi Escuela” (my school) and we will work on writing and recognizing the letters in our name. We will also keep talking about the classroom routines and the rules inside and outside of our classroom. We will also discuss hygiene rules before and after an activity during the day. We will be noticing who the people are that are making up our school community.

My name is Sonia Ceballos. I have the honor of being the Pre-K 4 teacher. I will be working in all the areas of development with each student and focusing on individual needs. I will do this using small and large group activities in all academic areas.

I am very grateful to all the parents for their help with the start of our first weeks of school.

A reminder to send in the signed form on the back of the Pre-K handbook (page 50); so we can place it in their portfolio. This reassures DEL (Department of Early Learning) that you were given a handbook to read about our child care policies and signing and returning is proof.

The home language survey has been sent home in the brown communication envelope today. This form needs to be filled out and returned promptly. We might get a free dress day as a reward if our entire class sends it in by next Tuesday! We have to have 100% returns though.

Please also fill out the Parent Survey we sent home with the children and return as soon as possible. We also still have some children that do not have their Earthquake kit turned in to our class. There is a deadline for this and then you will be charged a fee for us to have to provide one for them.

Thank you parents for doing this extra work for our school.

Each day our arrival time at school will be from 7:45-8:05 a.m. If you come after this time your child will be marked tardy and you will have to go to the office to sign them in as present. In the afternoon, the time of dismissal will be from 2:45-3:05. If you are here after this time your child will be sent to extended care. It costs 20.00 an hour for a drop-in situation. We ask for your cooperation and understanding about the importance of arriving on time.

Remember that every Friday is wear your Spirit shirt day and blue jeans. If you don’t have a Spirit shirt yet, be sure and go to the office and order one for your child. In the meantime, they may wear a Seahawks shirt and jeans. We are the Holy Rosary Regional School Hawks!!

Have a beautiful day!

Cordially yours, Sra. Sonia Ceballos

Pre-K 4B Teacher