Forging a Nation

How the Great War Changed the Lives of Soldiers Overseas


The Great War had greatly changed the lives of soldiers overseas. All the changes either affected Canada socially, politically, internationally, culturally and economically. The changes also affect the role of soldiers after the Great War and their effect on Canada.
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Tried 1914-1918

Living in the trenches was very hard and dangerous. We always had to be ready for an enemy attack which lead to us having very little rest and energy. We lacked nutritious food and quality supplies which prevented us from performing at our best. It was also very dirty in the trenches which caused many of our fellow soldiers to get diseases like "trench foot."
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Life in a Trench

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After the Great War, many soldiers were injured or had been killed in battle. Families were devastated by their losses and most men were unable to do work since they were injured. Sometimes, even though a soldier is not physically injured, they were mentally injured with a sickness that was called "shell shock."
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After the War

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The mid 1920s was a big time of change. Many advances in technologies were made, cultures changed and the lifestyle of a the past Canadian soldiers changed drastically but by the end of the decade many Canadians have fully adapted to these changes and have made the best of the situation.
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A New Canada

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