3rd Grade News

Eagle Elementary - Mrs. Grant (February 5 ,2016)


Thank you to those who came to Eagle on Saturday to support the Dad's club with our painting project!! I'm sure it looks great and students at Eagle are going to be THRILLED with the turnout. :) I will post pictures in my next newsletter.

Our Silent Auction Basket- from Mrs. Schlegel :)

Thanks to some great parents at Eagle we were able to put together multiple class baskets for Mrs. Grant's from donations within the racing community. These are the current baskets that we have assembled. While we have been fortunate with our donations thus far, if you have any additions to the below we would certainly welcome them. We look forward to seeing everyone at Eagle Extravaganza on Friday February 26th!

Basket 1: Value - $223

Will Power Autographed Grand Prix program 2015 ($25)

Troy Lee Autographed program - 99th running - 2015 ($35)

Mens Size L Indianapolis Motor Speedway Windbreaker ($60)

Mens Size L T-shirt ($28)

James Hinchcliffe autographed die cast car ($75)

Basket 2: Value $299

2015 99th running Program autographed by entire fleet

Basket 3: Value $200

4 VIP tickets to the Indy 500 Festival Parade ($140)

Mens Size L t-shirt 100th running ($30)

Women Size M t-shirt 100th running ($30)

Pennies For Patients

Please consider donating during the next two weeks. Student Council has worked really hard on this fundraiser and hope to raise lots for a good cause. Below is the link to donate in addition to sending in coins.

Animal Specialty Books

We need one more week to research. I'm sorry for the delay in books.

3rd Grade Idiom Day

We will participate in 3rd grade Idiom Day on February 19th at 2:30. This event will be held in the cafe and open to families. Each student will create a costume at home and present their idiom to the audience. :) Idioms were communicated in their planner this week.

Valentine's Day Party

We will have a Valentine's Day party on Feb. 12th and will exchange Valentines.

Mareah, Jameson, Will, William, Mustafa, Alina, Jack H., Leo, Megan, Macey, Luke, Owen, Caleb, Jayson, Estella, Hannah, Reagan, Nunu, Grace, Jack P., Alina, Elly, John

What we've been up to....

Readers Workshop

This week we read and studied different subjects, focusing on making comparisons, understanding achievements earned, and life lessons taken from the subject’s life. Next week we will have a biography assessment and start working on a Jr. Great book story. This story will have some homework and information will be communicated in their planner.

Social Studies

This week we started out next Unit with the big idea that Culture influences the way people live. We talked about the diversity of America and how we are influenced from many cultural groups. They enjoyed sharing what they knew about their cultural heritage as we discussed family traditions and various cultural things such as clothing, music, food, sports, and language. Thank you for your support this week with the vocabulary quiz.

Word Study

This week we worked on word endings. Please support at home if needed.


This week we researched and took notes about our specialty animal.

Math and Science


Unit 6 is complete and we are now moving onto unit 7. This unit is all about multiplication and division facts. Please make sure your child is practicing their math facts each night. This unit is short but will be difficult if your child is having trouble with their facts. We will get into fact extensions as well. For example if 6X7=42, the 6x700=4200. At times your child will have to fill in a division equation such as 560 divided by 8 =? It’s imperative your child study and know their facts. It makes their life so much easier as we move forward.


We are just getting started with our Natural Resources unit. We will talk about renewable and nonrenewable natural resources and how living things use both.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you have.