One World Trade Center

The Rebirth By: Laura Zahn

In honor of the day the United States gained its independence, the new world trade center building will be 1776 feet tall. This makes it the tallest building in the United States. It will have a 408 foot antenna that features a rotating beacon. A glass enclosure reminisces the height of the former world trade center tower 1, and an observation deck at the height of former world trade center tower 2. Towering over the 104 floors.
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In the end the total cost of rebuilding comes to $3.6 billion, $1200 per square foot. If workers are at their fastest, one full office floor will be built per week. Concrete from Brooklyn will be transported to the world trade center site to be used. The amount of steel constructed in this building will be more than 45,000 tons of structural steel. The building will contain 71 highspeed, elevators.
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