Nikko Vanegas

February 2016 Student Portfolio

English 6

The students read a challenging historical novel, set in Beijing during the time of Kublai Khan, and wrote synopses of each chapter. They have begun a longer-term project of composing and performing an original puppet show based in traditional folklore. Nikko continues to beam with curiosity; he asks well-constructed questions and thoughtful answers to the questions of others. He impresses me as someone who wants more than anything to learn and expand his view of the world. He readily applies himself to any task and will reapply himself if necessary. He is a careful worker.
Nikko english

Math 6

In this class, students are learning about volume and division. Nikko understands the material taught in the class. I will be challenging the students to further enhance their education.

Social Studies

This unit's focus was ancient China: its history, culture, philosophies, and arts. Two arts the students tried their hands at were traditional puppet-making and calligraphy. The class is proud to have a foundation in the geography of China and all of its neighbors. Nikko seems fascinated by anything to do with social sciences, from cultural studies to economics. Curiosity of this sort makes him a nonjudgmental observer of people and will make him a patient and truth-seeking researcher. He is honest and kind, conscientious and diligent.
Nikko soc stud

Science 6

Students are studying about human cells, organelles, and the human body. Nikko is understanding the material taught in the class.

Genius Hour

We have been spending our time preparing for the Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament on February 27, 2016 in Riviera Beach. Nikko has been practicing his problem solving skills in preparation for the tournament.
Genius hour 1

Science Arts Integration

In Science Arts Integration we are addressing their Science lesson plans covering the makeup of the human cell. Each student chose a specific organelle that is contained within the cell as their topic. Their job was to create a cartoon character of that organelle, using the formal elements of art-line, shape, and color to represent it's appearance and function. Nikko's Vacuole character is awesome. His design is thoughtful and is very effective in relating the function of the organelle. He enjoyed working on this and the creativity that his design exhibits shows that.

Nikko's Update

Total Documented Community Service Hours: 14

Nikko currently has logged :
1 absence for math class (period 2)
1 absence for science (period 3)
1 absence for social studies (period 4)
1 absence for Genius Hour (period 5)