A paper for the students by the students


Blue Earth -- The speech team had their first tournament of the season on February 6, 2016, at Worthington High School. They earned experience and got awards. The speech team has just under 20 students from grades seventh through twelfth. They performed in their respective categories and got trophies and ribbons.

The BEA speech team has been to state three times in the last three years and Coach Michelle Ehlers says that they hope to make it again this season. They are off to a very consistent season and have placed 7th or 8th at all of the meets they’ve attended so far. The cost of speech is $25, and it’s a one-time fee for the whole season. The school pays 6 dollars for every student per tournament. BEA’s team also has to bring one judge for every six kids that come to the meet, according to Coach Ehlers.

Are You Ready Class?

BLUE EARTH - “This Day in History” is a daily quiz game in 7th grade history wherein classes compete to show who knows the most about historical events. “Mr. Bjorn Olson,” lists three daily questions to ask each class at the beginning of the hour.

Mr. Olson knows so much about history that he actually doesn’t have to look up the questions, he just thinks about it and remembers questions and their answers. The questions are never the same either they are always different every day. Kids take notes on this day in history and at the end of the quarter they turn the notes in for extra credit. We have done this day in history just about every day since the beginning of the school year.

This quarter we have a very close race between first and second core. Core 1 is winning by one point. Third core is in last place and fourth core is in third place. This competition makes class a little more informational and it makes the learning “a little more fun too.” This activity makes the kids in the class think about everything they have learned about in history.