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Friday, November 13, 2015

Composition Notebooks

As we begin to learn about the arrival of the Europeans, the expeditions of Lewis & Clark, and the westward expansion of the United States, we will be journaling our experiences. To do this, we ask that you send a composition notebook to school this week. We will begin our journey and this will allow us to track our fates for our narrative/informational writing during this unit. Kids love having an identify from this time and learning about life then.

Thank you for sending your child with a composition book on Monday.

Week - At - A - Glance

We will be presenting our Native American presentations and assessments. The kids became experts on the first tribes in Missouri. They are sharing their learning with classmates and teaching other groups. They have then created a way to check their peer's learning by creating an assessment. They had many wonderful ideas: Padlet, Today's Meet, Kahoot, Hedbanz, Jeopardy, quiz, questions, and 4 corners just to name a few. As we wrap up Native Americans, we will be expanding westward with the arrival of Europeans and the explorations of Lewis & Clark. That is just in Social Studies.

In ELA, we will be completing drafts and beginning the revision process for the Informational Zoo Writing. During this process, we will work on commas and conjunctions. As always, we will also be improving our complete sentences skills. As we work on informational texts, we will also continue our work in Literature. Our first book clubs are wrapping up and we will switch books soon. The new book list includes a few from previous books: The Chocolate Touch, The BFG, There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom. New book choices will include The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall and Runaway Ralph. We are learning to think as we read. We are making connections, asking questions, making predictions, visualizing, and summarizing. We will also really start focusing on characters words and actions for inferences and meaning.

In Math, we are working on division. I think the kids are realizing that we really meant what we said about the importance of knowing your basic facts in 4th grade. We, the 4th grade team, emphasizes knowing basic facts. For kiddos who struggle, we use strategies that meet the learner where they are. One of the most popular strategies is listing multiples to reach the dividend that is used. Look for a screencast about division soon. We are fast approaching a mid-chapter checkpoint.

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