Books 21-24

BY: Danae' Herman

Book 21- Penelope calls all the men to a challenge and which ever one wins she will marry.

Penelope gets Odysseus bow out of the store room, and announces to all the men that she will marry the suitor who can string it and then shoot an arrow through a line of twelve axes. Telemachus sets up the axes and then he tries his own hand at the bow, but fails at the first attempt. The suitors then warm and grease the bow to make it supple, But one by one they all try and all fail.

Book 21- Continued.

While Pene and Tele are busy with that, Odysseus follows Eumaeus and Philoetius Outside. He Assures himself of their loyalty, and then revels his identity by showing them his scar on his foot. He promises to treat them as Tele's brothers If they fight by his side against the suitors. When Odysseus returns, Eurymachus has the bow. He cannot string that bow, he knows this Failure proves his inferiority to Odysseus. Anti Suggests that they quit til the next day, when they can sacrifice to apollo. Odysseus still disgusted, asks for the bow. All of the suitors complain, fearing that he will succeed. Odysseus strings the bow and the arrow goes straight through all twelve axes.

Book 22- The Outbreak.

Before the suitors realize what is happening, Odysseus shoots a bow throw the throat of Anti. The suitors are confused and think that arrow as a accident. The suitors have no way out, Since all the doors are locked. Odysseus then announced that he will spare none of the suitors. A few men charge at Odysseus and they are shoot down by Tele and Odysseus. Tele then gets more armor and swords form the storeroom. A full battle starts in the palace hall, and one by one the suiotrs are picked off. Athena then joins the fight but before she helps she watches Odysseus for his strength. Once all the suitors are dead Odysseus calls the nurse in and tells her to get all the unloyal servants. They make them clean all the dead bodies up and then one by one kills them all.