By: Kaellie Quinn

Expiernce With The Media

We see advertisements everyday of our lives. we see them on billboards, websites, TV commercials, etc. Advertisements surround our lives. On average people see up to 55 advertisements a day.

Problem With The Media

The problem with the media is that they use super skinny girls, super pretty girls, super strong and cute guys, with edits. People see these advertisements and think if I wear that I will be that pretty or it might make them even more self-conscious about them selves. Advertise make people think the are getting the best of the best because a really famous person is using or wearing the product. The advertisers edit the advertisements so that the model would look prettier. That's what people need to remember looking at advertisements is that all of it is not completely real.

How We Can Solve This Problem

We can solve this problem by using different sized women, not using edits. There is a lot of other things that they could change to make people not feel self-conscious or feel that they have to have that product to make them popular or stand out. Just changing some things can actually make people not feel so self-conscious or left out but make the better of life.
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