Welcome to Perth, Australia!

If you like beautiful skies,cities and wonderful landscapes, you should come to Perth, Australia.

Enjoy the wonderful weather and kind people that flood the air with delicious scents with their oh-so-good food.

Don't know where it is exactly or where you are?

Perth is located South East coast of Australia and is bordered by Queensland and Victoria and also the beautiful Pacific Ocean. It is centered in the Western part of Australia. The absolute location is 31.9522 South and 115.8589 East. The region is commonly named as Central Wes (Perth Peel),Lower west (South West), South West (Great Southern), and South Coastal (Goldfields-Esperance)

Amazing Sites!

Fun Facts!

  • The holiday for Western Australia is the first Monday of June.
  • Perth Australia is the most isolated,beautiful and tidy place in the world.
  • Perth is the largest inside city.
  • Highest number of bird pollinated bird species.


The Perth area is very tidy and clean. Most people moved here since the last 500 years. Some come to escape from the war to have some joy and peace.

So come to Perth , Australia! Experience fun and excitement. Fill your curiosity with joy!