Cougar Communicator

December 2019

6th grade Math

6th grade math is finishing up our Number Systems unit in December. We will conclude this unit by developing our understanding of the coordinate plane, finding distance on the coordinate plane, and learning about reflections on the coordinate plane. 6th graders will also be taking the winter screener on IReady. This will measure the growth students have already experienced in math since August. We will be administering the county benchmark test, as well.

6th grade Science

We are working on predicting the weather, and how to use maps and weather tools to do so.

6th grade Social Studies

Sixth grade Social Studies will be analyzing the geographic, political, economic, and cultural structures of ancient China.

7th grade Math

Math is learning percents just in time to calculate discounts and taxes on their holiday spending! We are wrapping up our unit on ratios and proportions with percent error, percent change, markups, discounts, taxes, tips, and commissions. After break we will be moving into algebra. We will begin with our knowledge of the distributive property and combining like terms to find equivalent linear expressions.

7th grade Science

In 7th grade science, students will start the month off with some exploration of bio-engineering - things like a 3D printed trachea, high-tech prosthetic, and a heart made from a spinach leaf! From there, we'll move on to mitosis to help lay the foundation for our genetics unit after Winter Break.

7th grade ELA

This month 7th grade ELA will finish reading our informational text Bubonic Panic and work on a project that will include what we learned from the text, our ELA standards, and speaking and listening skills. We will also be reading the play A Christmas Carol.

7th grade Social Studies

7th grade students will be exploring the richness of West African history during the Middle Ages. We will talk about important cities and trade routes, and discuss one of the world's richest rulers of all-time--Mali king Mansa Musa. We will conclude 2019 with a benchmark test covering all topics taught since August.

8th grade Science

8th grade science in December will be working on Earth Science. We will be looking at seismograph data to help determine the depths and compositions of each Earth layer and discuss how convection currents in the mantle drive plate tectonics and its effects.

8th grade Social Studies

In 8th Grade Social Studies we are currently learning about the reform movements and changes in 1800 United States Society. Students are creating visual posters over developments that took place and the improvements that these reform movements promoted.