Neolithic Revolution

By Adelina Cota

The First Crops

Farming developed slowly through thousands of years. As they traveled early people gathered food from wild plants. People needed to move to a new location. People started to prepare and use land for crops or gardening. People stopped being nomadic and started to cultivate . People were able to better control their food supplies and could settle in one place. People didn't have enough food because there wasn't enough wild grain to feed everybody . Archaeologist believe women who were responsible for gathering wild plants were the first people to begin farming crops.And all of this didn't happen right away it happened over thousands of years.

The First Farm Animals

Dogs were the first animal to be demecsticated. Dogs were descendant from wolves. Dogs were the first to be demesticated or tamed and bred by humans. People first demesticated farm animals about 10,000 years ago. People directed those animals to rich food sources and kept the herds near human settlements. People demesticated goats and sheep because they were small size their tameness and their plant-based diet they were not only used for food they were used for wool,hides,milk and manure. People used the big animals on the feild they were called "Beast of Burden"they used them on the feild because they could do all the hard work.

When,Where And Why

Early humans had a revolution revolution is a wild spread change of life. It occurred when humans largely shifted away. Revolution did not happen quickly it happened The nomadic people moved place to place they also plant based food.Some people continued to be nomadic they continued to hunt and gathered food. They move around following the animals. They moved with the seasonal movement of animals from one region to another. It allowed people to settle down and learn how to help the plant life in the area grow. The first settlement was about 14,000 to 11,000 years ago. They settled down in china,India,Egypt and mexico. Farming caused civilization.