Community Update

April 15, 2016

Dear Community Members:

I apologize for the delay in getting a note to all of you. It has been an extremely busy couple of weeks where we seem to catch ourselves coming and going. It is going to accelerate over the course of the next couple of weeks too.

I have a couple of items for you this week.


We began testing this week with all of our students. If you remember back to last year, kids began testing in March and it never seemed to let up until mid-May. Because of the reduction in the number and length of the tests, things will be far more condensed this year. In addition, there is but one platform, and it was by far the more reasonable of the two we had last year. So far, the issues have been minimal and the kids have worked very, very hard. We should all be very proud of their hard work!

We will continue testing throughout the next couple of weeks based on schedules that have been sent home. Our students should be very confident in their abilities. All anyone can ask is that they do their best!


The weather this week has been terrific, and it looks like they will have excellent conditions through next weekend. They are really moving on the building pad and the required infrastructure. Below is a picture from the MS Roof.

The majority of the construction project is now out to bid. In a couple of weeks the bids will be due, and we should have a very good feel for where we are with the base project and overall budget. The plan is for footers and foundations to begin in early May. Let’s home the weather continues to cooperate not only for our project, but planting season will begin soon as well.

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Thanks to donations for Eastwood alum Gary Haas Sr. and BGSU, there will be a new scoreboard for our baseball field. Below is a picture of the first phase of installation. There is a second panel to be installed above. For those who have struggled to see balls and strikes for years, this will be a massive improvement!!

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State Rep Tim Brown met today with music students to discuss their upcoming trip to the Statehouse for the Ohio Arts Day. On this day hundreds of students from across the state will meet with state legislators to encourage them to support the arts in education. Rep. Brown is an extremely busy man, and we appreciate his time and commitment to arts education!

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Well it looks like we will be exchanging snowblowers and shovels last weekend for mowers and trimmers this week. Count me as welcoming the change! Good luck to all our athletes competing tonight and this weekend!