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Issue #28 09-01-15

Welcome Back

Welcome back for the 2015-2016 school year! We hope everyone had a restful summer and are looking forward to a great academic year. There are some important technology updates you should be aware of so please take a moment to review the below items.

If you missed the summer edition of Tech In Ten you can view it here...we provided some resources you may find helpful as you set up your digital classrooms.

Important Updates

YouTube Usage

Google has recently added a new tool for managing access to videos by teachers and students. This tool is replacing YouTube for Education. All teachers now have full access to YouTube when logged into their Google account. When logged in, you can approve restricted videos which will allow students to view them from the district network. As a reminder, students are not permitted to use any computer logged in with a teacher's account, especially since teachers have access to content that may be inappropriate.

Videos can be approved by clicking on the approve button below the viewer window. See image below.

Big image

Wifi Status

Over the summer, we've replaced all of the wireless access points at Glenside and Myers and there are now units in every classroom in both buildings. This provides additional wireless capacity for the growing number of mobile devices at these locations. With these upgrades, every classroom in the district is now equipped with a dedicated wireless access point. We have also upgraded some other network equipment throughout the district to enable us to better monitor network traffic and capacity.

New Website

The new district website is now slated to go live in November. Teacher Sites training on the new platform is tentatively scheduled to be held during the October In-Service. Stay tuned for more details…

Student Gmail

The students in grades 7-12 will now have access to Gmail with their Google Apps accounts. No more collecting personal email accounts from students ! Initially, the student accounts will only be able to send and receive emails to staff accounts. The students will not be able to email other students or anyone outside of the Cheltenham domain.

Chromebook Printing

Cloud printing is now available from the Chromebooks. Once you have opened the print dialog box, select the change button under destination and choose I-Queue under the Google Cloud Print section. The print job will be waiting at the Canon printer.

Google Docs

Reminder … Sharing permissions for students - There have been some changes in the way students can share documents. They can no longer share documents with anyone outside of the Cheltenham domain. If they do need to share a document outside the district they can pass ownership to the teacher. Teachers can still share outside of the Cheltenham domain. Click here for further information.

Teachers should only use their Cheltenham Google Apps accounts for District related classroom content and communications with staff and students.

Trouble Tickets

The best way to resolve your technology issues is to submit a trouble ticket. Each ticket is mapped to the computer tech who is assigned to your location.The computer tech receives a separate email for each request and they have three business days to respond. The beginning of the school year is especially busy so please be patient.

This year the tech assignments have changed. Please click on this link here to verify who your tech is.

How To Contact Us

Dana and Lisa are Technology Staff Developers for Cheltenham School District. We are located in room 105 of the admin building. Our extension is 6321.

We are available to come to your school or classroom.

Email us at and

Check out the CSD Tech Hub here.

We'd love to hear how you are using technology in your classroom.