Egyptian news

Egypt is a large country that is almost the same size as Texas. Yet most of it is desert, Egypt' people crowd less that 4% of the land. The life line of the country is the Nile River, which supplies 85% of the country's water. The Nile empties out in the Mediterranean Sea, forming the Nile delta. For centuries the Nile's water has risen in the spring. The swollen river carried silt. When it reached Egypt, the Nile banks flooded.
Silt is small particles of rich soil. Silt is often found in deltas. Nile's water would carry silt. When the Nile flooded it left behind silt making the land a lot better to farm.

Embargo is an order that restricts or prohibits trade with other countries. The United Nations continued their embargo on trade with Iraq before the war. This severely damaged Iraq's economy

Who were the Berbers? They were the first people to live in North Africa. Almost all of Libya's 5.5 million people have mixed up the Berber and Arab heratige. During the A.D. 600s, the Arabs brought Islam and the Arabic language to North Africa.

What's the OPEC? It's the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Saudi Arabia Formed OPEC. Together they increased income from oil sales. Today OPEC countries supply more than 40% of the worlds oil. By increasing or reducing supply, they are able to influence world oil price

What are some crops of Egypt? Some crops are grain, cotton, and fruits. Although about 2% of Egypt's land is used for farming. Almost 29% of Egypt's people are in agriculture. The best farmland lies in the fertile Nile river valley.