Patrick Marsh Middle School Band

Sept 20-24, 2021

New Fall Concert Time and Location

Our Fall Band Concert is quickly approaching. Typically we hold this concert in the PMMS Cafetorium but audience seating is limited and usually cramped. Even with the 6th and 7th grade bands doing separate concerts on the same evening we want to be sure that we have enough room and that everything is safe. Given this, we have moved the Fall PMMS Band Concert to the Sun Prairie East High School Performing Arts Center (PAC). We will present one concert featuring the 6th and 7th grade bands from 7:00-7:45 pm on Tuesday, Oct 5.

Masks will be required of all audience members and we will encourage social distancing when possible. We will share any other procedures with you as we approach the date. The concert will also be broadcast live on Zoom for family members that cannot attend.

The 6th grade portion of the concert will feature each section of the band performing melodies from their beginning band music packets. The 7th grade band will perform three selections that we have been learning thus far this year.

When Should My Child Arrive?

All band students should have their instrument ready in their meeting location by 6:40 pm. Please plan to arrive a bit early especially if you are not familiar with the high school.

Where Should We Park and Enter?

Please park and use the main entrance (Door 1).

Where Will My Child Go?

The 6th graders will have the following specific meeting rooms:

Flutes - Women's Dressing Room (2110)

Clarinets - Orchestra Room (2140)

Trumpets - Choir Room (2135)

Trombones - Men's Dressing Room (2160)

Euphoniums & Tubas - Stage (2105)

Percussion - Stage (2105)

All 7th Graders - Put cases and personal items in the Band Room (2155) then report to the stage. We will warm-up on stage and then remain on stage during the 6th grade portion of the concert.

What Should My Child Wear? Dress nice. No shorts or ripped jeans please.

What Should My Child Bring? All students will need to bring their band instrument with the bell cover. Flute players will need their flute masks. Percussionists will need their stick bag with sticks and mallets. All students will need their band music.

We would strongly encourage all tuba, euphonium, tenor sax, bari sax, and horn players to use their school instruments since these already have the bell covers on them. If transporting this instrument to and from the concert is difficult, please let us know and we will make arrangements to transport it.

Concert Etiquette and the PAC: Students and caregivers should remain for the entire concert. The audience should be quiet during the performance. Only water is allowed in the PAC.

Student Attendance: Concerts are an extension of the band classroom and the learning that takes place every day and are therefore graded events. Music was created to be shared and not performed in isolation (or in the band room only). For this reason, we need to perform for an audience in order to share the wealth of learning that has taken place. This sharing helps the students to bring closure to the learning process and also propels them towards the next step in the journey. Student participation in concerts is vital to the success of all the students involved. Please make every effort to have your child be a part of these experiences. Sporting events/practices and other extracurricular activities are not acceptable reasons to miss a performance. If you have a reason to miss any performance, please contact your teacher as soon as possible prior to the concert date.

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UWEC 7th Grade Band Trip Postponed

The 7th Grade Band trip to UWEC scheduled for Oct 7 has been postponed due to travel concerns caused by the pandemic. Our hope is to do this trip in the spring of the year when COVID infection rates are lower.

This Week

Monday, Sept 20 (B Day)

Tuesday, Sept 21 (A Day)

Wednesday, Sept 22 (B Day)

Thursday, Sept 23 (A Day)

Friday, Sept 24 - No School

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How Can I Find More Information?

Here is a link to our Band Website ( this is a great place to look if you ever have questions. We try to keep it updated with everything you would need.

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