Clმყ ƈɾεმէἶօղʂ

Its as simple as that! ♥

ค๖໐นt นŞ

We are as simple as It says, we make custom clay creations! Just quickly fill out a form, pay a reasonable price, and there you go! Your custom figure would be ready soon! More information is coming up!

Eхąɱþℓεร ᴏғ Cℓąγ Cŗεąŧïσŋş (◑౪◐)


Small= .25 {Custom clay figures are priced depending on the size.}

Medium= .50

Large= .75

Extra large= 1.00



We hope you create one of your own creations!

We only accept 5 orders per week! Over the months we will upgrade the amount! If your one of the orders, the max things you can get is 3. So, stay tuned!