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by:Jan carlos vizcarra 9/19/16

The salary of dream job

the salary for my dream job is $44,80 per year.
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knowledge needed for dream job

The knowledge you need is management, customer service, multimedia, teaching, and course design. You have to be nice to the people so they can respect you.

Skills needed for dream job

The skills you need is talking to others, listening to others, not interrupting, asking good question, and changing what is done based on others people's action.

Abilites needed for dream job

The abilities you need is exercise for a long time without getting out of breath, Exercise for a long time without your muscles getting tired like a goalkeeper.

Personality needed for dream job

the personality you need is Self control, attention to details, and Achievement/Effort.

Technology needed for dream job

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Career outlook/#Future job

it is average

What would you do on the job

I would beat people in soccer.