Teens need to drive at age 16

Connor Hole

Driving at 16

I think the driving law should stay at the age of 16 years of age, the reason being is because at this age more teens at school are into sports or have activities to do more around this age. This is the correct law to follow and keep, teens are developing at this age and become more inteligent and will understand the concept of driving.

Teen driving facts

  • If a teen is in a sporting event they can drive to school and back home so it'll save time for parents and anyone else.
  • If teen are more driving than laying in bed at home that'll save energy and save money for having their face on their phones.
  • Teens also nee.d space fro peers and parents they can drive where they want to a relax.
  • Teens driving at this age can give time for everyone and can get more things done easier.
Teaching my Teenage Daughter to Drive. First day.