Bullets to Ballots

The Guatemalan Situation

The United States Government

The United States Government had a total of 60 Military Strength Units. They were the third most powerful group, tied with The Guatemala Government.

The Army and The Wealthy

The Army and The Wealthy gained and lost many points during the game, and by the end of the simulation, one of their own became a guerrilla, and they were all killed.

Alliances are the Hardest Thing to Keep Intact

  1. Above^
  2. The balance of power got shifted often. We exchanged MSU's, we killed each others members, we created treaties. We fought each other to gain more power.
  3. We were able to cooperate on certain terms, and we were able to work together with some groups. Other times, we fought and made each other miserable, we killed each other. Some groups can work well together, like the Guerrillas, the Peasants, and the Government. And the United States and the Army and the Wealthy worked together.
  4. The United States were a main group people wanted on their side. The killed the Guerrillas after the Guerrillas so shamelessly killed the Army and the Wealthy. The always had the most power, and had the finial say on who lived, and who died.
  5. When powers shift in a country, it depends on who the power shifted to for it to be considered positive or negative. An unstable shifting of power is never good for a country nevertheless.
  6. Im my life, i have many comfliting moments with my mum and dad. I also have some good moments with them. We fight for the power over our lives and how we work together. My friends and argue and fight all the time, but more often then not we fig our problems and stop fighting.