Samantha Lynchard & Malaina Ward

The S&M shelter is now up for sale!

We built an animal shelter. Animals and animal owners will use this structure. We built this structure to help find wanted homes for animals without homes.

What is the shelter like?

This shelter is one floored its a roam free no kill shelter. The animals all get along and live together. There is a windmil on the roof that powers the whole building. We have all kinds of animals from big to small, cat to dog, panda to flamingo, and many more.

How did we build this structure?

1.) We mapped out what we wanted the shelter to look and functiion like. We thought it would be easier to build our shelter in the state in which we live, so we built it in maryland. Then Donald Trump gave us a small loan of a million dollars to start or project.

2.) Then we leveled the site and made it sutiable to start to build on it.

3.) Then we put on the concrete for the base of our structure.

4.) Then we bulit the walls and roof. we also put an area on the roof for the animals to run around.

5.) Next we put or windows in and put more support in the walls.

6.) Then we putin the utilities. We added electricity, plumbing, instalation, ect.

7.) Next we finished the extreior. We aded mortar we also trimed any unnecessary materials.

8.) Lastly we added the finishing touches to the structure we added heating, drywall, floring, landscaping details and cabnints.

S&M shelter is now in Arnold Maryland. It can be sold for no less than $1,00,00. Our structure is the best because it is the only one who will take exoyic animals that are not even found in the U.S.A.!!