Who Me Is?

by Austin Bennett

The sound of the giants - whale sounds

Stuff I like and things I've done.

My favorite book is The Giver and my favorite movie is Anchorman 2. When I went to Kansas over Thanksgiving break, my friends family and I helped feed the hungry and looking at all of those people we helped open my eyes; Enjoy what you have because yo might not have it for long.
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Quote that mean something to me.

"It's not whether you get knocked down; It's whether you get back up." ~ Vince Lombardi

I fell down a lot, I still try to get back up and some times I do.

Hobby Time


  • Eat
  • Play video games
  • Watch football
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Words of Me

Active, Outgoing, Friendly, Enjoyable, Breathtaking, Energetic, Nerdish, Humors, Weird, Astonishing.