The Science Classroom

By Makenzy Holmes

Decorating the Classroom

This project is for my science classroom. Mrs. Lieberman asked us to create a smore flyer, powerpoint, or poster. we can decide how to change the classroom around how we want it to look. We can decorate the walls and her desk to make it look exciting. We have to decide what our lab supplies should be and where our workstations should go and what they should do. We can also pick out technology we want to use.


  • The workstations (our desks) would be separated into 5 groups with 3 or 4 people. The workstation supplies will be in a cabinet on the right.
  • The lab supplies will be in a cabinet next to the workstation supplies.
  • The smartbord will be at the front of the room with the teachers desk on the right of it. The iPad's, iPad mini's, and smartphones will be in a bucket in the workstation cabinet.
  • The door will be on the left with a poster on top.
  • The posters will be all over the walls so you can see them everywhere.
  • The wash area will be in the back with soap and towels.

Yes to science!

The Washroom

Washing up

  • The sink will be in the back.
  • There will be soap, towels, wipes, and hand sanitizer.

Mrs. Lieberman's workstation

Mrs. Lieberman's desk will have lights hanging on the bottom and have some

magnets and stickers about science!