In Search of the Giant Squid

Bill Davis Jr.

Physical Features

A Giant Squid has a total of eight arms, that also is studded with two rows of sucker, and can be as large as eight-teen meters or sixty feet . They can weigh up to one ton. Eyes can grow up to ten inches in diameter. They also have a fins like fish to balance and maneuver around bigger animals.

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Habitats, Feeding, and Predators

Its very hard to track the Giant Squid's habitats so scientist knows very little. Most of the time they find them off the shore somewhere. You find them in Saltwater Oceans only most near Antarctica which mean they love extremely cold temperatures. Only animals that threaten them out there is the sharks. Giant Squid's eat deep sea fishes like orange ruffle and hokie. They will eat smaller squid but not architeuthis squid.