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Week of February 1, 2016


Math- We will finish up Unit 5 in math this week. We will continue to work with perimeter and area while solving word problems. We will also complete a math task called "Rectangles for Ricky" where students will explore the relationship between perimeter and area. We will spend some time reviewing, and I plan to give the Unit 5 test on Friday.

Writing - This week we will focus on making sure our evidence in our persuasive essays connects to a reason. We will choose which claim we want to take through the writing process, and begin our drafts.

Science - I plan on starting our new unit, "Energy Works", on Friday.

Social Studies - This week we will finish comparing the Midwest Region to another region. We will then spend time in class reviewing for the test on Thursday. I will have students bring home their packet to use as a study guide at home.

Reading- We continue our Interpretive and Analytic Reading unit this week. You son/daughter is working with a reading partner this unit. They will complete several books together. We will be revising our first ideas that we developed when we started reading a story. We will also compare the lessons/themes in two texts.

Teacher Notes

4th Grade Lansing Field Trip

Look for the permission slip coming home this week for our 4th Grade trip to Lansing!

Black History Month

February is Black History Month! We will be exploring the life of an important American scientist, George Washington Carver in class. Despite being born into slavery, George Washington Carver was able to become a scientist, inventor, environmentalist, writer, poet, educator and artist. After reading, discussing and viewing a video about Carver, students will be asked to complete a project of their choice, inspired by an aspect of Carver’s life. This project is to be completed at home, and will be due on March 7th. Parents are invited into the classroom on March 7th at 9:30am to see the presentations.

Look for information coming home with your son/daughter this week.

4th and 5th graders ski free in Michigan!

In case you didn't know...

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad Online Registration Now Open!

The Northwood Mad Scientists’ Science Olympiad will be Friday March 4th from 6:30-8:30 PM. Mark your calendars! Online registration is now available. Instructions were sent home in your child’s green folder last week. There are a FEW extra instructions in the main office. Permission slips and and money to cover the cost of supplies are due by Monday February 8th. Any registrations received after that date will be waitlisted and added as space allows. The link to registration is

As always, we will need the whole Northwood Community’s involvement in order to put on this fun filled, educational event. This year we will need volunteers to fill some “leadership” positions. If you have been a team leader in the past and want to do just a bit more, or just want to get more involved in this event, this is a great chance to do that. Our greatest need at this point is Science Experts and assistants. These people facilitate and run the experiments for the kids.

All positions have instructions on how to do them. You won’t have to reinvent the wheel. Commit early, and you get to come to a kick off party at the chair’s house the evening of February 9th. What other committee does that? Interested? Contact Susan Bannan at or 248-990-8483.

Math Homework and Remembering Pages

Save this Link! This is a PDF of all of the "Homework and Remembering" Pages. If Fido eats your child's homework, just print off a new page!

Shhhhh... don't tell the students kids, here is a link to the answer key too. This is a great resource to help you check their work each night.