April 2015

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#1 place - scuba diving in Maui, Hawaii

I would go with my family, because they love the water and its been a dream of ours to go to Hawaii. In this case, the type of weathering would be physical. The forces of erosion would be waves, and also water. I wonder if i could find a Dory and a Nemo!!!!
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#2 swimming with dolphins in the bahamas

Swimming with dolphins would be SO MUCH FUN!!! I would go with my little sister, McKenzie. As well as scuba diving this would also be physical weathering because of the sand and the water. The erosion that would be happening would be waves and water, because well your in the ocean.
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#3 go kayaking in Provence, France

As you can tell I love the water! I would go with my cousin, Bethany because we love France. This would also be physical because of the mud in the lake/river or it could be chemical because of the mountains around it. I think this would be so awesome and it would be beautiful. There would be clear, beautiful water.... it would be so pretty!

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#4 go watch the northern lights in Northern Scandinavia

This would be SUPER AWESOME!!! it would be chemical because of the mountains around it. I would go with all of my besties! This would be so pretty.... i would definitely have a picnic here (well if i could) and I would watch this on a blanket. I would also take pictures. The erosion would be wind and water because of the water underneath it and the wind hitting the mountains.
Night of the Northern Lights
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#5 Go zip lining in Arenal Volcano Zipline, Costa RIca

I would go do this with my Aunt Tam because she is crazy and so fun! This has always been on my bucket list. This would be chemical weathering because of the mountains and trees all around it. The force of erosion would be wind because of the wind hitting the mountains! I CANT WAIT TO DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arenal Volcano Zip Line, Costa Rica