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Keira Henninger Runners: Exclusive Promotions on Peru Adventures

Inca Trail Permits are selling out. The time to reserve your travel to Peru is now!

Extra Special Promotion:
4 Coupons for $250- Sponsored by Keira Henninger Races!
Details: First four people to email info@travelbyfeat.com and start their Peru reservation will receive this special $250 coupon off the trip cost. This is a special gift being given by Keira Henninger Races in support of Runners exploring while running! (1 per person)
Email Subject: Keira RUNS Peru
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Exclusive DISCOUNTS on Peru Running Adventures:
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu & Sacred Valley (8 days). Departure: Aug 23rd.

2 for 1 (or 50% off) for Couples & Friends traveling together!

Trip Price for 2: $2,500 per person, or $5,000 total.

(If you traveling alone: $2,500 + $900 single supplement) *This means staying solo in hotel room.

Choquequirao to Machu Picchu (9 days) Departure date: Sept. 5th.
Exclusive Offer: $3,750 -Original Price: $5,000
Email Subject: Keira RUNS Peru
Email Message should include: Coupon CODE "KHRaces14"

To Start your reservation and receive these special promotions email info@travelbyfeat.com. In the email include the number of travelers, and which Peru trip you would like to reserve.

For Exploration Adventure & Travel (F.E.A.T.) delivers the best travel experience. Trail running and luxury travel combined with a cultural and socially conscious twist.

There are many international travel trips that offer walking, trekking, or biking, but you are seldom able to RUN. This is why we started F.E.A.T. Adventure Running Trips. For your next vacation, change the way you travel. Join F.E.A.T., and choose to explore while RUNNING! Read on and learn more about how running is just one aspect of these amazing travel experiences.

Information About F.E.A.T.

The Ultimate Travel Adventure!

Itineraries deliver the vacation of a lifetime for individuals that lead active lifestyles, and seek new adventures and challenges, as well as relaxation and high quality travel. F.E.A.T. trips are structured to accommodate various running abilities and traveler needs, with extra trip support and expert guides. Trips are created for runners and any non-runners that may be traveling with a runner.

Socially Conscious Travel:

Choosing to travel with F.E.A.T. is about more than running; it’s about the experience. All details are planned through firsthand research and local partnerships. From cultural excursions to excellent cuisine, and the luxury accommodations F.E.A.T. will take care of you. When you choose F.E.A.T. your traveling with a company that operates according to principals of social responsibility that contribute to and respect the economic, social and environmental well-being of the communities where F.E.A.T. travels.