PSE Chapter 3/16

CCC Packets Due, Nationals Next Week

Wednesday, March 16th

Hey Gam Fam,

Excited to see all your sunburnt faces this week! We'll meet at 7PM in good ol' Caldwell 304. Dress will be casual, for we do not have a company this week. Rather, our Alumni Advisor and former PSE President of 2014, Alex Woodruff will be speaking at our chapter, enlightening us all with his wisdom (he is also the Moses of the IBM exodus, so hit him up if you want to join our cult).

Packets with cash & checks will be due this Wednesday at chapter. It's the first week back from spring break, so no excuses as to whether or not you get your packets in unless you have a legitimate excuse. Ansley Maness will be in the Coke Lounge from 9AM-1PM on Wednesday should this be the case. Please have all transaction information written on the packets you were responsible for selling so we can make sure we have an accurate count. Remember, if you do not sell 5 t shirts, you will not be eligible to go to PSE formal. Below is a flyer that will help you sell t shirts if needed. Blast it out to your co-workers, friends, and family!

Look on below for CCC t shirt proofs and our ~dope~ raffle schedule!

45/60 people have signed up for Hawks Date Night for Thursday, April 7th so sign up on the embedded Google doc link below.

Finally, below are event details on a percentage day at Waffle House downtown from 8AM-12AM. Be sure to pick up a form from your waitress or print one out attached below to input your info so we can get that money FTK!

Keep it OG,

Addy Delean

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Waffle House Percentage Day!

Tuesday, March 15th, 8am-12am

140 West Clayton Street

Athens, GA

Benefitting Make a Wish Foundation and our deserving Athens child. Ask your server for a form so a percentage of your purchase will go FTK.