The Middle School Years

Moral & Ethical Development of Your Child

Young adolescents are moving from being self-centered to other-centered.  They do not always make wise moral and ethical choices because they are unprepared to deal with the choice.  Issues are no longer black and white, but now the adolescent sees the shades of grey in decision making.

School Opportunities

Even though students can be at different levels, teachers have to explore with higher level thinking to help identify and direct students on being able to make moral decisions.  Students have a strong sense of idealism as young adolescents. The teacher needs to provide opportunities to explore fairness, justice, and equity.Students in middle school begin to develop readiness to address societal issues such as racism, sexism, and discrimination.

Olweus provides opportunities for students to make real changes in the school environment.   Students get excited at the chance to express their opinions on societal issues in the classroom.  Teachers can use instructional strategies such as Socratic seminars, class surveys, and debates to examine these moral and ethical dilemmas. Based on the level of the student, teachers foster a higher order of thinking and moral reasoning when addressing issues with peers, families and societal issues.
Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream Speech - August 28, 1963