Fujio Masuoka

The man who saves memories

Early Life

  • Born on May 8, 1943 in Takasaki, Gunma.
  • Fujio Masuoka's mother encouraged him to learn math.
  • When Fujio Masuoka was 12, he mastered advanced mathematics.

Background Information

  • Received his Bachelor of Science, Masters of Science and PhD in electrical engineering.
  • He was also, a professor for 13 years.

Major Accomplishments

  • Fujio Masuoka invented the flash memory card.
  • He won a Wantanabe Prize in 1997.
  • Fujio Masuoka won a National Invention award in 1980.
  • He was awarded a medal with a Purple Ribbon from Emperor Akhito in 2007.

Interesting Facts

  • Money slowed Fujio Masuoka down.
  • He was receiving an estimated $500 million a year from flash memory shortly after its development.
  • Fujio Masuoka joined Toshiba Research and Development Center in April 1971.