World Languages UCPS Curriculum Day

Welcome Back!

World Languages UCPS Curriculum Day

Thursday, Aug. 22nd 2013 at 8-11:30am

3006 Sikes Mill Road


Please Bring!

-your UCPS laptop fully charged

-a headset with a microphone for your computer

-your SmartPhone if you have one

Mark Your Calendar

It will be wonderful to be together and set off on this new journey with each student in grades 6 - 12 with a Google Chromebook, internet access and access to Google Apps for Education.

We will finally have all the tools we need to address: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students will be able to communicate with each other and collaborate orally and in writing. This is a very exciting time.

There is a bit of preparation to do before coming. Please:

  1. To belong to a social media space for WL teachers across the county to share and connect, please create an account at Edmodo by going to You will need a UCPS password to join on a UCPS computer. Passwords are per school. Please see email for codes. To join the UCPS World Language teachers Edmodo enter the group code moq8bp This collaboration site for UCPS WL teachers will also house each release of the PolyGlot Press.
  2. Create an account at This will permit you to respond to the reading and videoclip prompts below. Choose a 'teacher name' or 'classroom name' instead of using your first and last name. For example, Sra Sanchez or Madame Rochambeau or Neruda's Friends, etc.
  3. IF you have a smartphone, download a free QR code reader from the app store (QR Reader for iphone, San - QR Code and Barcode, RedLaser Barcode Scanner, etc.)
  4. Bring a headset with the capability to record IF you or your school has one. Some will be available.
  5. Read the short article at Then in Voice Thread, on slide 1 at record a 1 - 2 minute response comparing the tools mentioned to those that you use or want to use in your classroom.
  6. Watch the first videoclip at from "The ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012 - Speaking". In the seam Voice Thread on slide 2 at write 50 - 100 words comparing how the speaking in the video compares to your novice students.

Hopefully, this time in advance will give us some common tech tools and a point of discussion for WL Curriculum Day. Thank you in advance for helping to move us forward.


There will be an opening session:

  • to discuss the integration of NC WL Standards in UCPS thus far
  • to discuss NC decisions on NCEES teaching Standard 6 for WL teachers
  • to discuss assessing what a student can do
  • to use new tech tools
  • to promote personalizing your own PD

There will be break-out sessions on:

  • 6th grade French and Spanish curriculum updates - Donna Podgorny
  • Engaging WL Students in a 1-to-1 Laptop Environment - Kristen Mouritsen
  • How to use Google Apps for Education in the WL classroom - Casey Zvanut
  • Observations, Artifacts and Resources - Donna Podgorny
  • Recording Interpersonal and Presentational Speaking with Audioboo - Jessica Garner
  • Spanish 2 curriculum updates - Donna Podgorny