Adolf Hitler

Early life


Have you ever wondered what Hitler was like when he was little? well i am about to tell you.there are three topics i will tell you about,his childhood, when he was in vienna and world war 1.All of these lead up to him becoming leader of Germany.he is known as thw world's most powerful tyrant he was in charge of the nazi's.


Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau Ann Inn, Austria on April 20, 1989.He is the son of an austrian sutoms official and his thrid wife.As a child he was a resentful and discontented.
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At the age of 16 he left school with dreams of becoming a painter.on october 1907 he left for vienna.He was rejected by the viennese acadmey of fine arts.In vienna he got his first education in politics.He left vienna in 1913.
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World war 1

War broke out on august 1914,hitler joined the sixteen bavarian infntry regiment.He served as a despatch runner.On september 16 1919 he joined the german workers' party and becme chairman by 1921
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