The Savior of Architecture


Filippo Brunelleschi was born in 1377 in Florence Italy. He spent his whole life in his birthplace of Florence. Brunelleschi educated himself in his form of architecture. He did this by studying the Ancient Romans and the Ancient Greek. He was astonished with their building capabilities, and Brunelleschi brought back the lost way of building. Brunelleschi started as a low class man and for a long time was neglected from patrons for his crazy ideas, but through most of his manhood he was idolized as a local hero. Brunelleschi's field of expertise was architecture, but he was also an artist and created linear perspective or 3D. One of his pieces was the Florence Cathedral. The only reason Brunelleschi was able to get the chance to build these architectural achievements was because of his Patrons, who were the Medici, the most powerful family in Florence.

Florence Cathedral

Florence Cathedral

This piece is the Florence Cathedral. It was fully finished in 1436, but had started many years before. You will see this building in the city of Florence, Italy in its creation spot. The most significant thing about Florence Cathedral was the dome. Brunelleschi was able to use Ancient Roman techniques to build the self supporting Dome and in a way brought back a dead way of building. The Florence Cathedral is so amazing because it is so beautiful and so complex. It was able to recreate a way of building while at the same time being able to bring beauty and awe to its appearance. The Florence cathedral and Brunelleschi exemplifies skepticism because in its creation Brunelleschi questioned the architectural ways of the Ancient Romans. Without him having this skepticism this project wouldn't exist, and neither would the cathedral.


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