In My Hands

By: Irene Opdyke

Irene's life was perfect.

She lived in paradise with her three sisters, happily married parents, and various pets she helped rescue. Living on the border of Poland and Germany, race, religion, or nationality didn't matter. With that idea in mind, Irene moved farther into Poland to work as a nurse. That was when the Holocaust started.

Irene's strength, will, and courage is tested in her adventures during the war. Uncertainty of the whereabouts of her family, helping Jews escape, and working as a spy for a rebel group are just a few of the many experiences she had. Follow Irene through her troubles, and miracles during her journey through the Holocaust.

Facts I learned:

1. I learned that you should always follow what you think is right, no matter the consequences. (Irene had to make very tough decisions; she always went with her gut.)

2. I learned that family bonds can over come anything, even if you are far a apart. (This was shown through Irene's struggles.)

3. I learned that even though the Holocaust is gone and is in the past, the horrors still haunt the minds of those who were involved.

Who Would Enjoy This Book?

Anyone who likes action will like this book. There is use of Polish and German words throughout this story and gives the reader an idea of what the languages are like at that time. If you are up for a vocabulary challenge, this book is for you!

Rating: 4/5

Genre: Nonfiction