Raising a good child tutorial

Punishments,education,and ect.


Today,kids are not being respectful to their parents,and that's not good. Its like if the kids rule the parents,they want to buy games,especially 3rd party games,and other things they don't deserve.Are you a parent who is worried about your child growing up like this? Well,you came to the right place.If your child is being desrispectful,show him manners by telling him how to talk to people,give them prizes for their success. But if they are not showing success,start taking their things away,they will learn faster than you expected!


Have you seen your child going down in grades lately? Well its time to act! One of the most known rule for better grades is go to their school and ask what they have for extra education. Like tutoring. If they keep failing,its time to change things at home too. Take away their devices or lower the time they play their devices, this is a way to see the changes to your child!